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EDU ZONE - children & education friendly space in Fun Park Digiloo!

Edu Zone

What will the world look like in the next 20-30 years, when our children will grow up? Considering the dynamically changing social, technological, and international reality, there is no univocal answer. What can be certain is that along with good education, knowledge of foreign languages and technologies, our children need to learn and develop skills which will enable them face a variety of future challenges and uncertainties.

Effective communication, creativity and innovation, intra-group cooperation, self-direction and assertiveness, adaptability, finally critical thinking and problem-solving – these social skills, if learned early, will give them an additional chance of being happy and successful. This is why we founded EDU ZONE and created a unique programme of workshops for children and teenagers. Our programme is aimed at teaching and developing a very certain set of skills, which we describe as soft & cognitive skills. We have gathered an exceptional team of teachers, psychologists, sociologists, academic lecturers and experts, who will help our children in developing and improving the soft and cognitive skills with the use of a variety of age-adjusted methods.

EDU ZONE workshops are in Polish and English. It is clear that in schools, at the universities and in future work, our children will function in a cross-cultural environment. Our groups are created for both native English speaking children and children with a good command of English. At EDU ZONE English workshops, they will learn and develop soft and cognitive skills, gathering knowledge and experience in effective communication, problem-solving, team-building in English speaking and will usually be in a cross-cultural group.

EDU ZONE team’s mission is to help our children to face the challenges of an uncertain and dynamically changing world.

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