Dear Customers, please booking a table in the restaurant seven days before birthday party.

Also please make a reservation if you want to buy Cheese Platter, Cake etc. Thank You!

Main dishes/Dishes prepared to order:

All our dishes are made from fresh products and tried recipes.

Salads and snack


Chicken salad 35,00 zł

Mozarella salad 35,00 zł

Prosciutto salad 35,00 zł

Salmon salad 35,00 zł

Cheese sandwich 14,00 zł

Ham sandwich 14,00 zł

Grilled chicken and veg sandwich 16,00 zł

Mozarella sandwich 15,00 zł

Quesadillas (vega, ham or chicken) 32,00 zł

Toasted with cheese 14,00 zł

Toasted with cheese and ham 15,00 zł

Toasted with cheese and pepperoni 16,00 zł

Toasted with brie cheese and salomob 17,00 zł

Hot meals

dania na ciepło.png

Pancakes with spinach 22,00 zł

Savory pancakes 22,00 zł

Nutella pancakes 22,00 zł

Cheese pancakes 22,00 zł

Hot pancakes 22,00 zł

Pasta with tomato sauce 28,00 zł

Pasta with aglio e olio 30,00 zł

Pasta with pesto 30,00 zł

Pasta with prosciutto 32,00 zł

Pasta with chicken and spinach 32,00zł

Pasta with tenderloin with mushrooms 34,00 zł

Soup of the day 10,00 -14,00 zł

Dish of the day 20,00 - 38,00 zł

Grilled chicken with extras 35,00 zł

Grilled tenderloin with extras (baked potatoes, fries, rice) 35,00 zł

Dumplings - with white cheese, with meat, with spinach, Mexican 30,00 zł



Cheese Platter 140 zł

Vegetable Platter 100 zł

Ham Platter 140 zł

Melon with prosciutto 100 zł

Guacamole 60 zł

Pizza Margherita mozarella cheese, tomato sauce 32,00 zł

Pizza Vege mozarella cheese, tomato sauce, onion, mushrooms, zucchini, pepper 34,00 zł

Pizza Pepperoni pepperoni, cheese mozarella, tomato sauce 34,00 zł

Pizza Hawaiian ham, mozarella cheese, pineapple, tomato sauce 34,00 zł

Pizza with ham ham, mozarella cheese, tomato sauce 34,00 zł

Pizza Diavolo mozarella cheese, tomato sauce, jalapenos, pepperoni 36,00 zł

Pizza Capriciosa ham, mozarella cheese, tomato sauce, mushrooms 34,00 zł

Pizza with prosciutto and rocket prosciutto curdo, rocket, mozarella cheese, tomato sauce 40,00 zł

Pizza 4 cheese 40,00 zł

Meringue cake 160 zł

Cakes and biscuits

ciasta i ciasteczka.png

Oat biscuits 5,00 zł

Chocolate cookies 5,00 zł

Cold cheesecake 14,00 zł

Butterscotch tart 14,00 zł

Lemon tart 14,00 zł

White chocolate and fruit tart 14,00 zł

Apple pie 14,00 zł

Brownie 14,00 zł

Waffles 8,00 - 14,00 zł

Tiramisu 14,00 zł

Jelly 6,00 zł

Meringue cake 17,00 zł

New York Cheesecake 14,00 zł

Block chocolate 5,00 zł

Chocolate fountain Multi-layered fountain with dripping chocolate, together with fruit and wooden toothpicks. 300,00 zł

Cake (the whole cake - 16 servings) Optional: apple pie, New York cheesecake, cheesecake with white chocolate and raspberry mousse, oreo cheesecake, cold mango cheesecake, ferrero rocher, cherries under crumble, coconut cheesecake, forest moss, milky way, kinder country, kinder maxi king, blondi, brownie tart with white chocolate, traditional cheesecake, tiramisu, carrot cake, snicers cake, tart with mascarpone and seasonal fruit, yogurt cake, lemon tart, . 130,00 zł

Proposal for parents - mini tortillas 4 zł per each

1. ham, cheese, cucumber
2. tuna, lettuce, vegetables

Proposal for parents - board of Italian snacks

Cost 140 zł

+ 0.5l carafe of wine for free!

Kid`s menu

menu dla dzieci.png

Chips 10,00 zł

Strips with chips 25,00 zł

Fish fingers with fries 25,00 zł

Hot corn 9,00 zł
Sweet potato fries 15,00 zł

Chocolate fountain

300 zł

with fruits

Nachos with dip 45 zł

Our tasty handmade cakes!

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You will find hot, cold, fizzy and

alcoholic drinks.

Hot Drinks

Our coffees are brewed in a professional, high-pressured coffee maker and only from best quality beans

Espresso 8,00 zł

Double espresso 12,00 zł

Americano 13,00 zł

Cappuccino 11,00 zł

Big cappuccino 14,00 zł

Caffe latte 11,00 zł

Big caffe latte 14,00 zł

Flavoured latte 13,00 zł

Big flavoured latte 16,00 zł

Tea 10,00 zł

Winter tea 15,00 zł

Hot chocolate 14,00 zł

Soy latte 13,00

Big soy latte 16,00 zł

Ice Coffe 14,00 zł

Ginger tea 16,00 zł

Cold Drinks

Cola 0,25 - 0,5 l 6,00 zł - 9,00 zł

Cola Zero 0,25 l - 0,5 l 6,00 zł - 9,00 zł

Fanta - 0,5 l 5,00 zł - 9,00 zł

Sprite  - 0,5 l 5,00 zł - 9,00 zł

Still water 5,00 zł

Sparkling water 5,00 zł

Cappy apple 0,33 l 3,00 zł

Kubuś Play 6,00 zł
Kubuś Water 6,00 zł

Jug of water 8,00 zł

Jug of juice 14,00 zł

Jug of lemonade 25,00 zł

Iced tea 14,00 zł


Freshly squeezed orange juice 19,00 zł
Freshly squeezed grapefruit juice 19,00 zł

Pressed apple juice 9 zł
Wine - white, red, sparkling 15,00 glass - 60,00 bottle zł
Aperol 28,00 zł
Cocktails 17,00 zł
Fruit Smoothie 20,00 zł

Hot wine 13,00 zł

*When booking a table, the restaurant adds 10% service charge. 

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