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Regulations - Birthday DIGILOO

1.Birthdays take place at Digiloo Fun Park, street Merliniego 2, 02-511 Warsaw. Managing the Fun Park Digiloo is DB&M Investments Ltd. KRS 0000413586, NIP: 5213628618.

2.Birthday bookings can be made in person, by telephone or email. The booking is for a specific time, date, birthday room, chosen refreshments package and additional attractions.

3.The condition for making a full booking of a previously agreed date is to pay a deposit at least 7 days before the birthday. Deposit is 200PLN. The remaining amount is paid on the date.

4.The minimum number of children participating in a birthday party (including the birthday boy/girl) taking place between Friday and Sunday is 10 and 6 for those between Monday and Thursday. In the case of a smaller number of children the payment is still as for 10 or 6 children.

5.All changes regarding the number of participants, packages, additional options and birthday cakes should be declared at least 3 days before the birthday party.


6.Birthdays should be attended punctually, with a wide smile and good mood.


7.In the case where more children attend than initially planned, parent/guardian should pay the correct additional fee based on the birthday package specific for the given birthday room.


8.The birthday party takes 2,5 hours.


9.Parties should start and finish on time.

10.After 2,5 hours children should leave the rented birthday room, but they can stay at the Digiloo Fun Park under parent’s/guardian’s supervision free of charge.

11.The chosen birthday room is for the birthday boy/girl and his/her guests for their own disposal.

12.Birthday boy’s/girl’s and guest’s parents enter free of charge.

13.The Fun Park’s Regulations are in force during the birthday party.

14.It is forbidden to bring in food or drinks to the birthday party that haven’t been bought at the Fun Park Restaurant.

15.There is a possibility of ordering birthday cake while booking the birthday party. The price is from 150 PLN (depending on the kind and weight of the cake).


16.Refreshments (in accordance with the chosen package) are meant for the children. Refreshments for parents and its pricelist is available at the Fun Park Restaurant. We suggest to book a table at least 7 days before the party.


17.Refreshments prepared for children can be consumed only in the birthday rooms.

18.Presents for the birthday boy/girl can be left at the birthday room.

19.Between Friday and Sunday it is compulsory to hire a child minder for every birthday party, who will coordinate the flow of the party. Fee for this service is 140PLN.

20.Leaving the birthday room and paying for it takes place on the day of the party, immediately, no later than 15 mins after it finishes.

21.Information regarding the birthday packages and the description on the Digiloo Fun Park website are an integral part of the following Regulations.

22. If the birthday party will be postponed to 3 or less days before, the deposit will be forfeited.

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