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Regulations Playground DIGILOO

1. The following Regulations define the rights and obligations of anyone using the Digiloo Fun Park


2. Digiloo Fun Park (referred to as: “Fun Park") manages the DB&M Investments Ltd . KRS 0000413586, NIP: 5213628618 (referred to as: “Director”).

3. Everyone using and spending time at the Fun Park is obliged to familiarize themselves with the following Regulations (referred to as: “Regulations”) and the current price list prior to entering the Fun Park.


4. Usage of the Fun Park is charged for a fee. Rules of payment are described in the current Fun Park price list.

5. Everyone using the Fun Park is obliged to wear a bracelet with electric chip given by the staff and to wear at all times while being in the Fun Park right until departure. The bracelet is refundable.


6. The Fun Park is mostly aimed at children between the ages of 1-12.  Everyone above 13 should take that into consideration and should take caution not to take risks and to prevent any potentially harmful situations at the Park.


7. Parents and guardians of children using the Park enter free of charge.


8. Children under the age of 13 can only stay at the Park under adult’s supervision. Parents and guardians are obliged to take care of the children at all times when using Digiloo Fun Park.


9. Upon prior request (minimum 1 day before the visit), Fun Park Staff can offer childcare. The price is 25PLN/per person, per hour.

10. At the Fun Park you should have a change of shoes or wear protectors.


11. All using the Fun Park should keep order and keep the premises clean.


12. It is forbidden to bring inside any toys, equipment or construction elements.


13. In the case of organized groups, for every ten children there has to be at least one adult guardian (above 10 that requires a second one).

14. In the case of organized groups only children of the age of 4 and above are allowed in the Fun Park. The group’s organizer is obliged to provide the appropriate number of guardians, following Director’s minimal requirements described above.

15. At the Fun Park it is forbidden to:


  • bring inside any dangerous items

  • consume alcohol or drugs or to be under the influence of such substances

  • chew gum

  • smoke tobacco

  • bring pets


16. At the Fun Park it is forbidden to express any aggressive behaviour like pushing, going up the slides, breaking toys and equipment.

17. All items that may potentially cause hazard (watches, jewellery, chains, rings, bracelets, earrings, mobile phones, clothes with strings or ribbons) should be handed over to the guardian prior to entering the Fun Park.


18. Outer clothes should be left in the cloakroom.


19. Guests, should they wish to do so, can be given access to one of the sixteen lockers. The key to it can be obtained in the reception by presenting a formal ID.


20. It is forbidden to bring food and drinks in the Fun Park. Consuming food and drinks is only allowed in the Restaurant.


21. Guests are obliged to inform the Staff in an event of any accidents or other dangerous situations at the Fun Park.


22. Due to security reasons, the whole Fun Park area is under video surveillance. DB&M Investments Ltd, ul. Merliniego 2, 02-511 Warsaw is the administrator of the collated and processed data of Fun Park’s users. Everyone has the right to access their data and to correct them. Handing over the data is voluntary.


23. Consent for a free usage of child’s image is given based on a separate form signed by the child’s parent/guardian.


24. Proof of purchase for a service at the Fun Park is the base for submitting a complaint.


25. Enjoy!

The best playground in Warsaw!

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