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Piñata – Latino fun in Digiloo!

Listen to the song sung while breaking the piñata!

Los Pico Pico - La Piñata

La piñata


No quiero oro ni quiero plata.
Lo que quiero es quebrar la piñata!!
Andale!! niña sal del rincón.
con la canasta de la colación.
Andale!! Juana no te dilates.
Con la canasta de los cacahuates!
Dale, dale, dale!! no pierdas el tino
mira la distancia que hay en tu camino.
Naranja dulce, piña cubierta
denles de palos a los de la puerta.


I don't want gold, I don't want silver,
What I want is, To break the piñata.
Throw candies and mints
For the kids, Who are very greedy.
Come on, Mary, Don't delay
With the basket of peanuts.
Come on, Jane, Don't delay
With the basket of peanuts.
The piñata has pea, Pea, Pea…
Peanuts by the ton!

This wonderful game has been around for some time in DIGILOO FUN PARK.

Pinata is one of the main attractions at the birthday party.

During breaking the pinata, the child has his eyes blind folded. Before hitting,

and to make the game more exciting,  he is rotated on his axis.

Lots of sweets and toys fall out of it after the crash!



Piñata 250 zł from 1-15 person

above 15 person 300 zł

(filled with sweets and toys)

Please contact with us to find out which Pinata we have in the stock and which one we can order for you.

tel. 508 800 883 mail:

The best playground in Warsaw!

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