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Birthday Party

price list:

Birthday Party in Warsaw

Party takes 2,5 hours Minimal number of guests is 10 (i.e. parties organized fri-sun)


The price of birthday package includes: entry to the playground, renting out the room for 2,5 hours and foood

(according to the package chosen)


A carer is designated to every birthday party in order to coordinate and ensure safety during the party.

+ 100 zloty on top of that  (i.e for parties fri-sun)

Dear Customers, please booking a table in the restaurant seven days before birthday party.

Also please make a reservation if you want to buy Cheese Platter, Cake etc. Thank You!

Choose your own extras!

Non-alcoholic champagne

15zł / bottle 0,7

Champagne: Picollo flavors (peach, tropical, strawberry)

Digiloo cake

100 zł

Cream cake with fruit and dedication on top (on request).

“Themed” cake

150-200 zł / 1,5 kilo

You can order cake with child’s favourite character, a special addition or connected with child’s hobby.

Meringue cake


Meringue cake with fruits


5 zł / cup

Colourful cubes of jelly served in cups.

Cotton Candy

200 zł

Workshops with cotton candy is a great fun and learning at the same time. During animation, childrens learn about the secret art of the formation of cotton candy with professional animator. They can create own cotton candy in the beautiful color and original taste!

Jelly beans

12 zł / bowl

Different flavor jellybeans (gummibears, coca-cola, other) served in a bowl.

Birthday carer

Mon - thur - free / Fri - sun -100 zł

Person taking care of safety during the party 


150-250 zł

To choose from: balloon twisting, glitter tattoos, face painting, braids.


1 animation up to 30 people 150 zł

2 animations up to 30 people 250 zł

2 animations up to 15 people 150 z

Dino T-shirt

45 zł

T-shirt with our mascot – Dino. Birthday guests can sign it as a memento.

Photos (editing)

300 zł

Photos from the party.

Photos + video (“clip” editing)

600 zł

Photos from the party and video in HD quality. Video in form of a clip.

Lego Machines

15 zloty/ per child thurs-sun

30 minutes long, for children between the age of 4 to 6 These are sets of bricks,

ideal for small children. They consist of big, colourful parts, wheels, racks and gears.

You can build them and understand how different constructions and every day objects work.

Balloon with helium

45,00 zł/pcs

Balloon in the shape of a digit

Lego WeDo Education

17 zloty/ per child thurs - sun

They introduce children to a world of science, robotics, engineering and construction.45 minutes long,

for children of age from 6 to 9 These are more complex sets of bricks,

allowing children to build robots and constructions,

which after connecting to the computer can be put into motion.

Thanks to special engines, motion sensors and gears these robots can move,

produce sounds, ride, and avoid obstacles.

Jewelry workshops

15 zł / per child

Workshops consisting in creating a unique jewelry made of beads, pebbles and tags. 
Classes take place under the supervision of a passionate person. Animation for children and their parents.


from 1-15 person 200 zł above 15 person 250 zł

A colourful figure filled with sweets and hung on the ceiling.

Birthday boy/girl hits it with a bat blind-folded, until all the sweets fall out.

Fruit platter

30 zł

Banana, kiwi, grapes, oranges, seasonal fruit.

Chocolate fountain

300 zł/ whole birthday

Multi-layered fountain with dripping chocolate, together with fruit and wooden toothpicks.

Children can skewer the fruit and dip them in chocolate. Great fun, also

for parents.

Chicken or Salmon salad

100 zł/12 person

Nachos with dip

45 zł/10 person


60 zł/10 person

Vegetable Platter

95 zł/10 person

Cheese Platter

110 zł/10 person

Ham Platter

110 zł/10 person

Melon with prosciutto

90 zł/10 person


70 zł/10 person


120 zł/16 servings

Home recipe makes our cakes are a unique addition to the adoption.



apple cake
New York cheesecake
tart with white chocolate
traditional cheesecake
carrot cake
snicers cake
tart with mascarpone and seasonal fruits
yoghurt cake
lemon tart
honey cake

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